Booking Terms & Conditions

This is a legally binding agreement between you, the parties you represent and Harvest Australia Pty Ltd (Harvest). Please take the time to read through the following terms and conditions carefully. By confirming a travel package, you accept the terms of use contained in this agreement on behalf of yourself and the parties you are authorised to represent.

      1. These terms and conditions (“Terms”) form the basis of the contract between You and Harvest Australia Pty Ltd trading as “Harvest WYD Journeys” (“Harvest”). Please carefully read the following conditions before you complete the booking form, as by making this booking and subsequent payment, you acknowledge you have read and understand your rights and obligations and accept the disclosed terms and conditions.
      2. Your contract may also include additional terms and conditions applicable to special offers, and third parties who provide a service in connection with your pilgrimage.
      3. Harvest reserves the right to update or amend these Terms at any time prior to you making a booking. An up-to-date copy of these Terms is accessible on the Harvest WYD Journeys website – The Terms as listed online at the time of completing a booking are those that will apply to that booking.
      1. You, your, pilgrim or passenger – the person who makes the booking or attends the tour.
      2. Group organiser – the person or entity on behalf of a diocese, group or movement that is organising the specific WYD group itinerary which you have chosen to book.
      3. Share basis – accommodation shared with other people
      4. Contract – this document which includes terms and conditions
      5. Force Majeure Event – an act of God, war, terrorism, fire, flood or any other extreme weather conditions, loss of power, epidemics or pandemics, industry disputes, slow-downs or other strike activities,  riots or civil disturbances, acts of government, semi government or other authorities, inability to obtain necessary license or consent or delay caused by sub-contractors, supplies or other third parties (including telecommunications carrier), material shortages or other causes of interruption of or cancellation to the pilgrimage beyond our control.
      6. Jurisdiction – New South Wales – Australian Consumer Law
      7. Website – the Harvest WYD Journeys website:
      8. Itinerary – the travel itinerary for your pilgrimage issued by Harvest, subject to amendments made by Harvest from time to time in accordance with the contract.
      9. Pilgrimage – any itinerary or travel arrangement booked by Harvest.
      10. Personal information – information about you and any other person for whom you make a booking, including your name, address, health, medical needs, dietary requirements, disability or other special requirements.
      11. Service providers – are independent 3rd party providers engaged by Harvest to provide services to our pilgrimages. These can include airlines, ground operators and hoteliers.
    3. RATES
        All prices quoted by Harvest Australia Pty Ltd on the website and on any associated material are in the local currency for Australia (AUD) and are current as at 1 November 2022.
    4. TAXES
        Taxes may apply and will be advised at the time of quotation or booking confirmation.
        1. A completed booking form
        2. A photocopy of current valid passport (details page only) – Refer to Section 6 – PASSPORTS & VISAS
        3. Deposit: a non-refundable deposit of AUD/NZD $800 per person per pilgrimage is required. A higher non-refundable deposit and/or additional progress payments may be required for some groups. These may be applied at any time prior to final payment to facilitate the issuance of air tickets or to pay additional deposits to our suppliers.
        4. You must pay your booking deposit at the time of booking. If Harvest does not receive your booking deposit, we will automatically cancel your booking without further notice to you.
      2. Use of Harvest’s online booking site may require you to register and provide certain data to Harvest, its affiliates or its suppliers. As a condition of using Harvest’s online booking site, you represent and warrant that:
        1. the personal information you provide is true, accurate, current and complete, and you are entitled to provide such information; and
        2. you will maintain and promptly update the personal information held by Harvest to keep it true, accurate, current and complete.
        3. If you provide any information that is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete or Harvest or its affiliates have reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, we have the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse any and all current or future access to and use of the Harvest online booking site.
        4. By using Harvest’s online booking site, you warrant to us that you are at least 18 years of age and possess the legal authority to enter into this agreement and to use the site in accordance with all terms & conditions herein. Those under 18 must be represented by a parent, legal guardian or approved group organiser.
        5. You agree to be financially responsible for yourself and all parties you represent when using Harvest’s online booking site. You also warrant that all information supplied by you or members of your group in using the site is true and accurate. Without limitation, any speculative, false or fraudulent reservation or any reservation in anticipation of demand is prohibited. You agree that the reservations facilities of Harvest’s online booking site shall be used only to make legitimate reservations or purchases for you or for another person(s) for whom you are legally authorised to act.
        6. You understand that abuse of the travel services reservation facilities of Harvest’s online booking site may result in you being denied access to such facilities. You must keep secure any means of identification that Harvest may provide to you in order to access the site.
        7. Any booking made or order placed by you, whether through Harvest’s online booking site or otherwise, shall be deemed an offer by you to purchase the relevant items subject to these booking conditions.
      3. All bookings are guaranteed, subject to group leadership approval, once deposits have been received. Prices will otherwise remain subject to change due to unforeseen factors beyond Harvest’s control.
      1. Each pilgrim is personally responsible for ensuring they possess valid travel documentation. New passport applications must be personally applied for.
      2. Pilgrims must hold a valid passport that does not expire for at least 6 calendar months after the intended date of return to Australia.
      3. Non-Australian passport holders must possess a valid Australian Re-entry Certificate. If you are travelling on a passport issued by a country other than Australia, you will need to be aware that visa requirements may differ from those for Australian passport holders.
      4. Visas required by non-Australian passport holders must be applied for by the passport holder. Your Harvest consultant will be able to advise you of these requirements.
      5. Cancellation of a pilgrimage due to incomplete travel documentation will incur standard cancellation fees.
      1. A deposit of $800 per person is due at the time of booking. All prices remain subject to change (as specified in 25.b). Any deposits not received will result in the booking being automatically cancelled.
      2. Full balance of payment must be received no later than 5th April 2023.
      3. Payments made by credit card will incur the following credit card fees:
        • VISA 1.75%
        • MasterCard 1.75%
      4. Bookings made after 5th April 2023 will be subject to airline and hotel availability and increased pricing. For late bookings, full payment will be required at the time of confirmation of booking.
      1. Prices are based on twin/triple/multi-share rooms with private facilities. Specific requests (single/double) must be made at the time of booking and supply cannot be guaranteed.
      2. Single supplement surcharges apply for single-room requests. Requests for double rooms or double beds cannot be guaranteed.
      3. A triple room can comprise either a full-sized triple room or a twin-bedded room with an extra roll-away bed.
      4. Harvest cannot be held responsible for room configuration changes by accommodation suppliers that result in further unexpected costs outside Harvest’s control.
      • Please apply to Harvest for cost estimates for single rooms. Subject to availability at time of booking.
        Any special requests (such as airline seating or dietary requirements) made at the time of booking are on a request basis only. Harvest will do all possible to accommodate requests but cannot guarantee these can be met in all instances. Additional costs may apply to confirm such requests and are the responsibility of the Pilgrim.
    11. TRAVEL INSURANCE (Mandatory for all pilgrims)
      • Travel insurance is required for all pilgrims covering all applicable dates of travel from your home port. Your insurance must cover; trip interruption, personal injury, medical expenses, evacuation and repatriation cover including during pandemic events. Harvest can recommend an appropriate insurer.
      • Harvest may receive a commission for introducing you to a travel insurance provider. Harvest cannot be held responsible for your failure to obtain an appropriate insurance cover and we recommend you purchase your insurance at or soon after booking your pilgrimage. Harvest will not be held liable for any costs incurred by pilgrims resulting from their failure to obtain adequate travel insurance.
      • Harvest makes no representations or guarantees concerning reimbursements of funds paid by you under any insurance claim. You agree not to hold Harvest responsible for any decision made by insurers.
    12. AIR TRAVEL
      1. Flights booked for pilgrimages will be in economy class on an airline of Harvest’s choosing. Flights booked as part of a pilgrimage will be via the most appropriate route – although this may not be on a direct flight. If pilgrims choose to travel on an alternative airline or class of travel to the group, they do so with the knowledge that additional costs/surcharges may apply. The scheduled flights used for all departures are subject to the usual conditions of the carrying airline and relevant to international law. Harvest accepts no responsibility for alterations to air schedules.
      2. If a flight reservation outside the group flight is requested to Harvest, full payment may be required for your airfare at the time of such booking.
      3. When booking a pilgrimage you will be required, at the time of booking, to provide Harvest your full name as detailed on your passport, passport number, nationality, date and place of issue. Changes to flight itineraries and name changes and/or corrections may either not be allowed or may result in penalties charged by the airline. These are the pilgrim’s responsibility along with the fees charged as described above.
      4. Airlines (and other travel providers) can change prices and routes from time to time. All air routings are in the sole control of the airline and are subject to change at any time.
      5. If airfare increases or fuel surcharges are applied by the airlines, Harvest reserves the right to apply the same at any time prior to final ticketing.
      • Service charge and gratuities are not included in any prices except where indicated in the pilgrimage inclusions.
      • During World Youth Day week, meals will be provided by the WYD2023 Office in Lisbon, this includes lunch and dinner (breakfast only if ‘simple’ accommodation is chosen) which will be arranged through the distribution system organised by the WYD2023 Office. The time period of WYD2023 provided meals will be determined by the WYD2023 Office.
      • Any special meal requirements will be made on a request basis only and will depend upon the offerings of the WYD2023 Office. Harvest cannot guarantee special meal requests, nor will it assume any responsibility or liability if the pilgrim’s special meal requirements are not fulfilled by the WYD2023 Office. Harvest will use its best efforts during the pre and post WYD pilgrimage to cater for special dietary requirements and allergies. Harvest cannot guarantee that certain products will not be in food served. Harvest will not accept any liability in relation to any medical conditions, special dietary requirements and/or allergies of pilgrims, even if such conditions are listed in the medical/dietary requirements provided by the traveller.
      1. Code of Conduct – All pilgrims agree to abide by the Harvest Journeys Pilgrim Code of Conduct, along with any other codes of behaviour required by their group leadership. Harvest Journeys reserves the right to remove a pilgrim from a group tour, after consultation with the group’s designated leadership, should it be viewed to be in the best interests of the group. Should it be deemed necessary to remove a pilgrim from the group tour, the pilgrim is responsible for any costs incurred by returning to their point of departure, without refund of unused services. Any damages caused by group / individual misbehaviour or negligence remain the responsibility of the pilgrim and not Harvest. All pilgrims at the time of registration will be required to confirm that they have read, understood, and agree to abide by Harvest Journeys Pilgrim Code of Conduct.
      2. Commitment to Child Safety – Harvest Journeys has a Commitment to Child Safety, which includes child protection and safeguarding principles. All pilgrims at the time of registration will be required to confirm that they have read, understood and agree to abide by Harvest Journeys Commitment to Child Safety.
    16. HEALTH
      1. Any medical condition, disability or mobility difficulty that may affect the functioning of the group must be advised on the booking form. Any pilgrim with a pre-existing medical condition or illness must declare the nature of such condition at the time of booking and make arrangements for the provision of medications or other course of treatment that may be required during the tour.
      2. Any relevant health or mobility conditions not adequately disclosed may result in your immediate and direct return to your point of departure at your expense and without availability of a refund. This is necessary to assure the health and safety of all group members and in particular those with whom you may be sharing a room. Harvest recommends you consult your doctor in respect of your intended travel as this may also have some bearing on your application for travel insurance. Your doctor or the relevant Government Health authorities can advise on any vaccination requirements necessary.
      3. Pilgrims with a serious or ongoing medical condition or mobility constraint (subject to travel approval by Harvest) must bring an accompanying able-bodied companion/carer (refer to Section 17 – Minimum Mobility Requirements). All requests for health/medical clearance submitted by pilgrims are at the sole discretion of the operating carrier/tour operator/travel insurance company. Harvest cannot be held responsible for the outcome of these decisions.
      1. The WYD experience and pre-pilgrimages will require a reasonable amount of walking.
      2. Pilgrims are required to at least:
        1. Be able to walk for a minimum of 2 hours on uneven surfaces without the use of any walking aid, on any given day
        2. Walk up multiple flights of stairs and short, steep hills
        3. Stand for a minimum of 20 minutes without needing to sit down
        4. Carry their own luggage
        5. Get on and off various modes of transport without assistance.
      3. Harvest must be advised, at the time of booking, of ANY physical condition that will affect your mobility. Your condition will be assessed and may require qualified medical consultation. Whilst Harvest will make reasonable attempts to accommodate any special needs, it is not responsible in the event that we are not able to do so, nor are we responsible for any denial of services by carriers, hotels, restaurants or any independent suppliers.
      4. Most transportation services, including touring coaches, are not equipped with wheelchair ramps. Harvest regrets that it cannot provide individual assistance to a pilgrim for walking, dining, getting on or off coaches or other personal needs.
      5. A qualified and physically able companion/carer must accompany travellers who need assistance and must be responsible for their wellbeing. Wheelchairs, walking aides or any particular hotel room specification cannot be arranged once a pilgrimage has commenced. If a Pilgrim’s mobility limitation affects the operation of the pilgrimage, that pilgrim will be immediately returned home, at their expense and no refund for unused services will be applicable.
      1. Up until 5 April 2023 deposit is non-refundable and non-transferrable.
      2. From 5 April 2023 to the day of departure, the full package cost will be charged for any cancelled passengers.
      3. All cancellations must be advised in writing. All deposits and payments forfeited from cancellation are not exchangeable as payment towards new bookings that may be required at a later date.
      4. Unused services offered as part of pilgrimage packages are non-refundable.
        Harvest reserves the right, to modify or cancel any trip (definite or not), accommodation, in-destination activity or arrangement at any time.
      1. Cancellation due to failure to pay If full payment is not received by the due date Harvest has the right to cancel your pilgrimage booking and no refund will be made. Harvest will not be held responsible for lost bookings.
      2. Cancellation due to force majeure events If Harvest cancels a trip as a result of a force majeure event (see 2.e & 29.i), a future travel credit to the value of funds paid to date less any third-party costs incurred will be provided. All future travel credits will be valid for 24 months from date of issue. Where a pilgrimage is terminated mid-trip due to a force majeure event and Harvest provides you with alternative services or assistance (such as hotels or travel), you agree to pay for these costs.
      3. Cancellation due to events other than force majeure events If the cancellation by Harvest is not as a result of a force majeure event, Harvest will provide an alternative comparable trip (if available). If an alternative is not available, then a refund will be made. You are responsible for additional cost if the alternate is higher. Harvest is not liable for any cancellation or change cost or penalties incurred on other travel arrangements, including air travel, that may be affected thereby.
      4. Early Return, Illness or Absence Early return expenses are the pilgrim’s responsibility. There is no refund for absence or early departure from a pilgrimage, including but not limited to missed hotels, transfers, meals, sightseeing or optional extensions. Harvest recommends that you purchase travel insurance which covers such circumstances. Harvest makes no representation or guarantees concerning reimbursement, scope of coverage, or other aspects of any travel insurance policy or claim. Harvest is not responsible for other travel arrangements that you or your party have made outside of Harvest and which are affected by our cancellations.
      5. Harvest assumes no responsibility for costs or fees you incur for independent arrangements not booked through Harvest, inclusive of, but not limited to, airline, hotel and touring charges.
      6. If circumstances beyond Harvest’s reasonable control require that inclusions be altered, a product of similar value or standard will be supplied.
      • Passenger name changes will be permitted up to 5 April 2023 for a change fee of $400 per change. Any name changes after this date will not be permissible and therefore deemed as a full cancellation resulting in forfeiture of the full per person package cost.
      • Subject to approval and availability, individuals may extend their stay with the addition of post pilgrimage travel. The duration and inclusions of the standard packages cannot be altered in any way. Any variation to the standard packages must first be approved by the group organiser prior to any confirmation being given. Additional costs will apply.
        Any changes to an individual pilgrim’s confirmed/deposited booking will incur the following costs:
      • Up to 31 December 2022 – $200.00 per person per change plus any costs or penalties imposed by Harvest’s suppliers
      • From 1 January 2023 to 5 April 2023 – $300.00 per person per change plus any costs or penalties imposed by Harvest’s suppliers
      • From 6 April 2023 to the day of departure – $500.00 per person per change plus any costs or penalties imposed by Harvest’s suppliers
      • Any changes remain subject to availability at the time of the request.
        For Harvest to process your booking we are required to obtain your personal information. We may also be required to release your personal information to:
      • Service providers
      • Customs
      • Immigration authorities
      • Security and credit checking organisations
      • In some instances, we may be required to release your personal information to authorities outside of Australia that may not have the same level of protection as Australia. Personal information may include:
      • Name
      • Date of birth
      • Address
      • Passport details
      • Visa details
      • Medical conditions
      • Phone and/or email
      • Emergency contact details
      • By making this booking, you consent for us to hold and release your personal information to third parties. You also consent to us using your personal details for marketing purposes. For more details on our privacy and data protection policy please refer to our website:
      1. Images and scenes shown on any digital or printed promotional material are representative of those featured in the pilgrimages but are not necessarily supplied or visited. Maps are not necessarily to scale. Hotels are selected, subject to availability, from grading suggested by local authorities or our representatives with due consideration to the particular needs of our pilgrims.
      2. Every effort has been made to ensure that these details are accurate at the time of publishing but, are subject to any statutory liability which may not be excluded by law.
      3. Harvest is not liable for any error, omission or inaccuracy in its brochures/websites whether occurring at, or after, the time of publishing in regard to price or any other detail or booking condition.
      4. In some circumstances beyond Harvest’s control, pilgrimage itineraries may differ to that listed in Harvest brochures, pilgrimage overviews or the Harvest website. If this situation occurs, pilgrims will be advised by a Harvest consultant or their pilgrimage director of the alternate sites/travel. Harvest will do all possible to supply comparable services/accommodation and/or itineraries and there shall be no refund as a result of these amendments.
      1. Prices are current as at 01 November 2022 and are based on costs, charges, tariffs, rates, taxes, levies and currency exchange rates calculated on the basic pilgrimage departure and are not inclusive of fees, costs, charges and levies for additional flight and travel arrangements and stopovers.
      2. All costs are subject to change at any time due to alterations in airfares, taxes, charges or levies imposed by airlines, service providers, governments, their agencies, principals, currency fluctuations, and other factors outside the control of the tour operator. Harvest reserves the right to amend the price of a pilgrimage due to such increases.
      3. A pilgrimage can only operate at the advertised price if a minimum number of bookings are achieved. Harvest reserves the right to cancel or vary a pilgrimage prior to departure due to insufficient numbers. If at 60 days prior to departure, numbers fall below the minimum, a surcharge on booked pilgrims may be applied to ensure departure.
      4. Unless stated as an inclusion in your itinerary, overnight accommodation required to meet your pilgrimage and/or any flight connections are not included in the pilgrimage price and will be at your expense.
      • Included in the selling price of each pilgrimage are (although not restricted to) charges to cover the cost of operations, research, reservations from agents in Australia and from our overseas destinations, postage, telephone, bank charges, currency transfers, documents, brochure production, printing, distribution, advertising and remuneration to travel agents. Cost breakup is not supplied. Deposit payment signifies your acceptance of these usual commercial costs and fees paid to our suppliers.
      • Harvest is an independent contractor and may take and pay commissions, discounts or rebates relating to the services described herein.
        Harvest reserves the right to correct any error in rates quoted or calculated for any service notwithstanding that the invoice may have been paid in full. Client/s accept that Harvest staff, management or its agents could make an oversight affecting travel arrangements. Client/s agrees and understands that Harvest’s (or its agent’s) obligation is to amend such error or oversight by prompt action/correction (if possible) or refund based on actual cost of itinerary services/sectors affected. Client/s understands and agrees to such limitation of the claim.
        You consent to Harvest using images of you taken during the pilgrimage for advertising and promotional purposes in any medium. You grant Harvest a perpetual, royalty-free, worldwide, irrevocable licence to use such images for publicity and promotional purposes.
      1. Nothing in these Terms operates to exclude, restrict or modify the application of any provision of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth), including the Australian Consumer Law, or any equivalent State or Territory legislation, the exercise of a right conferred by such a provision, or any of our liability for breach of a guarantee, condition or warranty implied by such a provision, where it is unlawful to do so.  All exclusions and limitations of our liability under these Terms must be read subject to this clause.
      2. You acknowledge and agree that Harvest accepts no responsibility and will not be liable to you (or any third party) for any loss, cost or damage (including loss of enjoyment) suffered directly or indirectly in connection with:
        1. any pilgrimage risks or other aspects of the pilgrimage disclosed to you in these Terms and Conditions;
        2. any change to your Itinerary or delays in departure or arrival times of aircraft, vessels or otherwise during the conduct of the pilgrimage;
        3. any loss or damage to your baggage or belongings;
        4. any personal injury or death resulting from the acts or omissions or negligence of any third parties providing goods or services to you during the pilgrimage, including air carriers, hotels, shore excursion operators, restaurateurs, transportation providers and medical personnel; or
        5. any disappointment or loss of enjoyment due to circumstances outlined in these Terms or otherwise beyond our control.
      3. Subject to clause 29.a, but despite any other provision of these Terms, and to the extent permitted by law, Harvest’s maximum liability to you or any third party (including any claims of negligence by Harvest) is limited to the pilgrimage price you have paid.
      4. To the maximum extent permitted by law and subject to clause 29.a, you acknowledge and agree Harvest is not liable to you, under any circumstances, for any loss of enjoyment, opportunity, profit, savings, revenue or interest or any other consequential or indirect, incidental, special or punitive loss, damage or expenses.
      5. You acknowledge and agree that Harvest is not liable for any delay or failure by us or one of our Service Providers to perform our obligations under these Terms, resulting from or as a consequence of a force majeure event.
      6. If a delay or failure occurs or is anticipated due to force majeure event, Harvest’s obligations are suspended for the duration of the force majeure event.
      7. Harvest may immediately terminate the contract, if the force majeure event delays departure of the pilgrimage for a period of 7 days or more, calculated from the date we notify you of the force majeure event.
      8. In the event of a force majeure event (as defined below), Harvest shall be excused, discharged, and released from performance to the extent such performance is so limited or prevented, without liability of any kind.
      9. Harvest assumes no liability for any loss, damage, or entry of any nature in whole or in part resulting from an “Act of God” or any other condition outside Harvest’s control (“force majeure event”), including without limitation:
        • Fire
        • Volcanic eruption Inclement weather
        • Environmental pollution or contamination
        • Earthquake
        • Low or high water levels
        • Flood
        • Water or power shortages or failures
        • Tropical storms or hurricanes
        • Riots or civil commissions or disturbances or any other acts of similar nature
        • Sabotage
        • Strikes of labour disruptions
        • Arrests
        • Restraint of rulers or peoples
        • Expropriations
        • Acts of terrorism
        • War
        • Insurrection
        • Quarantine / pandemic restrictions
        • Government health advisories, restrictions, warnings or alerts of any kind of nature
        • Government seizures
        • Refusal or cancellation or suspension or delay of any government authority or any license, permit or authorisation
        • Damages to its facilities or the travel supplier and its facilities
        • Or any other unforeseen circumstances or any other factors unforeseen by Harvest that adversely affects or hampers its ability to fulfil any of its contractual conditions.
      10. To the extent permitted by law, all express or implied warranties, guarantees, representations, or terms are expressly excluded.  Where the law implies any guarantee, condition or warranty which cannot be excluded, Harvest’s liability to you for breach of such an implied guarantee, condition or warranty is limited to one or more of the following: – in the case of goods: the repair of goods, replacement of goods, the supply of equivalent goods or the cost of repair, replacement or supply of equivalent goods; or – in the case of services: supplying the services again or payment of the cost of supplying the services again.
      11. Subject to clause 29.a, you acknowledge and agree that where your pilgrimage, any part of your pilgrimage, accommodation, flights or any other good or service are not directly provided by Harvest, but is provided by a service provider, in the event of any dispute or claim including for loss, damage, breach of contract or negligence arising from the conduct of the service provider, You must pursue Your claim directly against the relevant service provider.
      12. You further acknowledge and agree that if you suffer or incur any loss or damage during or in connection with your pilgrimage, you will not make any claim in respect of such loss or damage (and to the full extent permitted by law, you waive your right to make such a claim) against the Archdiocese, Diocese or other organisation which invited or funded you to participate in the pilgrimage.
        Harvest Australia Pty Limited ACN 056 849 426, is AFTA and ATAS Accredited.
        Harvest will try and settle any complaints quickly and fairly and all correspondence should be sent to Harvest Australia, 75 O’Riordan St Alexandria, 2015, NSW, Australia.

Pilgrim Code of Conduct: WYD Lisbon 2023

Thank you for registering for a Harvest WYD Group Pilgrimage to World Youth Day Lisbon 2023 in Portugal. As part of your individual pilgrim registration, please take time to read and agree to the following Code of Conduct.

As a pilgrim on a Harvest WYD Group Pilgrimage, I agree to:

  1. Follow the rules and regulations set in place by the organisers of the event
  2. Follow the rules and regulations set in place by my group organiser and respect the authority and direction of my pilgrimage group leadership
  3. Respect and uphold the Catholic ethos of the event and conduct myself in a
    Christian manner through my language, dress and behaviour
  4. Respect the safety and security measures put in place by local authorities, and Harvest Journeys through their local operators for the duration of the pilgrimage, and take responsibility for behaving safely at all times
  5. Be thoughtful and sensitive to the needs of my fellow pilgrims
  6. Be sensitive to and respectful of local customs and cultural standards
  7. Whilst overseas, be mindful that I am an ambassador for my family, my country, my church community and Harvest Journeys
  8. Take responsibility for all personal belongings for the duration of the event
  9. Fully participate in the event activities, in so far as I am able
  10. Not purchase, distribute or consume illicit drugs, being mindful that to do so may require that I be removed from the pilgrimage at my own expense
  11. Not abuse alcohol thereby affecting my behaviour and ability to adhere to this Code of Conduct

Special Notes:

  1. For pilgrims under 18 years of age, there is zero tolerance to alcohol and illicit drug use on a WYD Pilgrimage. This must be observed and respected at all times.
  2. Any damages caused by misbehaviour or negligence remain the responsibility of the pilgrim and not Harvest Journeys.

If this Code of Conduct is not upheld, Harvest Journeys in consultation with the group leadership, reserves the right to remove a participant from the pilgrimage. In such a case the pilgrim is responsible for any costs incurred by returning to their point of departure, without refund of unused services.

Commitment Statement to Child Safety

Harvest Journeys is committed to child safety. We want children to be safe, happy, and empowered. We support and respect all children, as well as our staff and volunteers. We are committed to the safety, participation, and empowerment of all children.

As an organisation that provides travel services in the context of pilgrimages for church organisations and faith communities, particularly through the delivery of projects such as World Youth Days and Australian Catholic Youth Festivals, child safety and safeguarding are our top priority. Harvest Journeys is actively committed to fostering communities of safeguarding on pilgrimage that champion the dignity and rights of all children.

Every person associated with Harvest Journeys, including staff, volunteers, contractors and pilgrims, who comes in contact with children, seeks to uphold the dignity of every child and commits to establishing safe and supportive relationships.

We encourage open communication whereby clients, pilgrims, and those organising pilgrimages are informed of relevant issues and participate in decisions about the safety of children. It is particularly important to us to look for avenues to empower children to have a say, be taken seriously, and be listened to.

We actively seek to become and remain informed of the causes and signs of child abuse and neglect. When we receive information about concerns or witness any matter relating to the abuse of a child, we respond appropriately and report any such concerns to the appropriate authority. This includes contacting the police where there may be an immediate risk of harm to any person, especially a child.

Harvest Journeys has policies and procedures to prevent risks to children and build a strong culture of safeguarding. All employees, volunteers, and contractors are expected to follow these policies and procedures as applicable and contribute to the culture of care and protection of all children.

Harvest Journeys plans, organises, and reviews all activities with children, proactively considering potential risks and striving to ensure risks are reduced and eliminated where possible. Everyone is encouraged to communicate any area of concern or identify where our approach may need improvement.

Anyone who brings forward a suspicion, concerns, knowledge, or allegation of current or past abuse of a child to Harvest Journeys will be responded to sensitively, respectfully, actively, and in a timely manner, in line with our lawful obligations.

We have policies and procedures in place that support our governance, staff, and volunteers to achieve these commitments.