WYD Lisbon 2023

Pilgrim Code of Conduct

Thank you for registering for a Harvest WYD Group Pilgrimage to World Youth Day Lisbon 2023 in Portugal. As part of your individual pilgrim registration, please take time to read and agree to the following Code of Conduct.

As a pilgrim on a Harvest WYD Group Pilgrimage, I agree to:

  1. Follow the rules and regulations set in place by the organisers of the event
  2. Follow the rules and regulations set in place by my group organiser and respect the authority and direction of my pilgrimage group leadership
  3. Respect and uphold the Catholic ethos of the event and conduct myself in a
    Christian manner through my language, dress and behaviour
  4. Respect the safety and security measures put in place by local authorities, and Harvest Journeys through their local operators for the duration of the pilgrimage, and take responsibility for behaving safely at all times
  5. Be thoughtful and sensitive to the needs of my fellow pilgrims
  6. Be sensitive to and respectful of local customs and cultural standards
  7. Whilst overseas, be mindful that I am an ambassador for my family, my country, my church community and Harvest Journeys
  8. Take responsibility for all personal belongings for the duration of the event
  9. Fully participate in the event activities, in so far as I am able
  10. Not purchase, distribute or consume illicit drugs, being mindful that to do so may require that I be removed from the pilgrimage at my own expense
  11. Not abuse alcohol thereby affecting my behaviour and ability to adhere to this Code of Conduct

Special Notes:

  1. For pilgrims under 18 years of age, there is zero tolerance to alcohol and illicit drug use on a WYD Pilgrimage. This must be observed and respected at all times.
  2. Any damages caused by misbehaviour or negligence remain the responsibility of the pilgrim and not Harvest Journeys.

If this Code of Conduct is not upheld, Harvest Journeys in consultation with the group leadership, reserves the right to remove a participant from the pilgrimage. In such a case the pilgrim is responsible for any costs incurred by returning to their point of departure, without refund of unused services.